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Areas of law

Van den Heuvel delivers services in the following areas of law:

  • Dutch and European employment law
  • Alien law (residency / working permits)

In the area of Dutch employment law you can expect services regarding matters such as:

Dismissals (due to disfunctioning, gross misconduct, after two years illness etc.), redundancies (due to reorganization, economic welfare reasons etc.), changes in employment and labor conditions, non-competition clauses, illness and disability, et cetera.

When a labor conflict leads to dismissal, it is prudent to seek legal advice in an early stage. Experience shows that parties make the wrong choices already in the first phase of the procedure, with unnecessary escalation or complication as a consequence. Sound legal advice, guidance and mediation can prevent this.

Our office can advise you on the best solution for termination of an employment relation. If this takes the form of a termination agreement, we can advise you on the content, whether the correct notices have been taken into consideration, whether the termination compensation has been calculated correctly. This so as to prevent unnecessary court proceedings. In case mutual agreement is not an option, our office can represent you in court.

In the area of European employment law and alien law, our office offers consult regarding the legal aspects of labor immigration and foreign employees: working permits in the context of the Law on labor by aliens (Wet arbeid vreemdelingen); the overlap with residency permits; when a work permit is needed and how to avoid or successfully fight fines; in case of transboundary labor, the determination of applicable law regarding labor contracts (Dutch or foreign law), which legal rules apply regarding labor and employment conditions such as minimum wage, working times et cetera.

With regard to alien law, our office offers advice and assistance regarding applications at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). We can assist you in your residency application for the purpose of work or family, be it an application under national immigration law or under EU law (for residency with family members from EU states who reside in the Netherlands in the context of European freedom of movement and work).