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Van den Heuvel Juristen – employment law, immigration & mediation

Van den Heuvel Juristen is an office specialized in Dutch and European employment law, and alien/immigration law. We further deliver mediation services.

Our office delivers services to both Dutch and foreign (migrant) workers as well as to employers. You can call on us for matters such as the drafting of employment or termination contracts, dismissals , sickness, non-competition clauses, working permits and more - see for more information the link 'legal areas'.

Van den Heuvel Juristen assists migrants and expats in their applications for residency, for purposes of work or family, vis-à-vis the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Van den Heuvel has years long experience in working for the IND (until end of 2017).

Van den Heuvel is also a trained mediator. He delivers mediation services primarily in the area of labor related disputes - see for more information the Dutch link 'Mediation'.